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Problems extracting zip files


If you have problems or experience certain issues with any of the packages or files you downloaded from me or one of my other sites, please see if any of the solutions below will work.

First, what application are you using to unzip files? I have used a program called 7-zip for more than five years now. It works great and I've never experienced any type of problems (so far). You can download it for free here:

Experiencing problems while unzipping a file such as "Path Too Long" error code

Issue with a corrupt zip file

Try downloading the file again and wait until it finishes the download process. This issue can easily happen with large files that do not completely download. You cannot extract files that have not entirely downloaded.

Issue with the Filename/Path/Directory being too long

This is often a common issue, especially for many Windows users. Sometimes a warning is given when extracting zip files that have long file names and an error message is displayed during the process. An easy solution to this problem is to change the name of the zip file. Simply rename the zip file with a shorter file name. Perform the extraction process again with the renamed zip file. You should now be able to retrieve all the files from within the zip folder.

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